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Child Custody and Support Newsletters

Child Custody Modification Agreements

Whether the issues of custody and visitation were agreed upon by the parents or determined by a court after a custody hearing, the parents may later agree to modify the court order as to who has legal custody, who has physical custody, who has rights of visitations, and the terms and periods of custody and visitation.

Garnishment in Child Support Actions

When the assets of the absent parent are unknown and outside the jurisdiction of the court, a garnishment of the parent’s wages to collect past due child support obligations may be appropriate.

Income Withholding for Child Support Actions

Wage withholding is a method of paying child support by having the obligation taken directly out of the parent’s pay by the employer. Some parents voluntarily agree to wage withholding; others have it imposed upon them by a court.

International Child Abduction Remedies Act

The Hague International Child Abduction Convention is a convention signed by many nations around the world that provides a method of securing either the return of a child or access to a child who was wrongfully taken into another country. The International Child Abduction Remedies Act establishes federal law to implement the Hague Convention.

Sole Legal Custody Awards

Where joint legal custody is not appropriate, a court may award sole legal custody to one parent. Being granted sole legal custody gives that parent the right to make the important decisions affecting the child’s health, education, and welfare.