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Family Law

Florida trial lawyer fighting for your rights and interest

Rebecca Graham, P.A. is an experienced professional who works hard to achieve the best results for her clients with family law matters.  When it comes to finding the most effective way to settle your family law disputes, Attorney Graham promotes the collaborative process—working with the opposing attorneys to come to an agreement before filing a lawsuit.  However, if a settlement is not possible, Rebecca Graham’s litigation experience makes her the force to contend with when she fights for your rights and interests in court.

Rebecca Graham takes the time to make sure that you understand your rights, the process, and the legal options of your case.  She has experience in all aspects of family law, including—

Family Law Counsel in Clearwater, Florida

For trusted counsel and representation on your family law matters, contact Rebecca Graham, P.A. to arrange for a consultation.

Child custody and support

The legal custody of a child under the age of 18 is often a difficult matter to resolve.  The physical and legal custody of a child is typically addressed during divorce proceedings.  It can also be determined without a divorce action in family court.  Child support involves payments from one parent to the other for the support of their children.  We can make sure that you are either receiving or providing the appropriate amount of support.  Rebecca Graham protects your rights and your child’s rights.

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Modification actions after divorce

If financial or personal circumstances have changed since the divorce or court decree, you may be able to seek a modification of your parenting plan or level of child support or maintenance, custody, or visitation.  Rebecca Graham can provide effective representation in these matters.

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Stepparent adoptions

Rebecca Graham provides comprehensive legal representation for clients seeking adoptions.  She assists in the formal adoption of stepchildren, obtaining consent from the natural parent or initiating the termination of rights in cases of abandonment.

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Juvenile dependency law protects children from abuse and neglect.  When abuse and neglect present an impending danger to children, the matter will go to the Juvenile Dependency Court.  Here three issues are addressed:

  • Where the child will live
  • The validity of the allegations
  • The parent regaining child custody

Rebecca Graham has years of experience resolving juvenile dependency issues and can assist you.

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